Java Builder Design Pattern Example

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            /* ............... START ............... */
public class JavaBuilderDesignPattern {

	public static void main(String args[]) {

		// Create the object using builder pattern

		Cake whiteCakeNonVeg = new Cake.Builder().sugar(1).

		Cake whiteCakeVeg = new Cake.Builder().sugar(1).



class Cake {
	private final double milk;
	private final double sugar;
	private final double butter;
	private final int eggs;
	private final double bakingpowder;
	private final int vanila;
	private final double flour;

	// constructor should be private to enforce object creation through builder
	private Cake(Builder builder) {
		this.milk = builder.milk;
		this.sugar = builder.sugar;
		this.butter = builder.butter;
		this.eggs = builder.eggs;
		this.bakingpowder = builder.bakingpowder;
		this.vanila = builder.vanila;
		this.flour = builder.flour;


	public static class Builder {
		private double milk;
		private double sugar;
		private double butter;
		private int eggs;
		private double bakingpowder;
		private int vanila;
		private double flour;

		public Builder milk(double cup) {
			this.milk = cup;
			return this;

		public Builder sugar(double cup) {
			this.sugar = cup;
			return this;

		public Builder butter(double cup) {
			this.butter = cup;
			return this;

		public Builder eggs(int number) {
			this.eggs = number;
			return this;

		public Builder vanila(int spoon) {
			this.vanila = spoon;
			return this;

		public Builder bakingpowder(double spoon) {
			this.bakingpowder = spoon;
			return this;

		public Builder flour(double cup) {
			this.flour = cup;
			return this;

		// return fully build object
		public Cake build() {
			return new Cake(this);

	public String toString() {
		return "Cake { milk=" + milk + "sugar=" + sugar + ", butter=" + butter + ", eggs=" + eggs + ", vanila=" + vanila
				+ ", bakingpowder=" + bakingpowder + ", flour=" + flour + '}';


                /* ............... END ............... */


Cake { milk=0.5sugar=1.0, butter=0.5, eggs=2, vanila=2, bakingpowder=0.75, flour=0.0}
Cake { milk=0.5sugar=1.0, butter=0.5, eggs=0, vanila=2, bakingpowder=1.75, flour=2.0}


  • Builder design pattern is used to construct complex object step by step before building the final object.
  • The main advantages of Builder Pattern are as follows:
  • It provides clear separation between the construction and representation of an object.
  • It provides better control over construction process.
  • It supports to change the internal representation of objects.


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