Python Switch Statement

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            /* ............... START ............... */

b ={
    'a' : 333,
    'b' : 444,
    'c' : 456,
    'd' : 54

# Ask for User Input
result = input('User Input: ')

print('The result is : ', b.get(result, -1))

def switch_function_example(value, y):
    return {
        'a': lambda y: y+444,
        'b': lambda y: y*44,
        'c': lambda y: y/4

# Ask for User Input
result = input('User Input:  ')

print('The result is : ', switch_function_example(result, 8))
                /* ............... END ............... */


User Input: a
The result is :  333
User Input:  c
The result is :  2.0


  • Python does not have a switch or case statement. But by using dictionary mapping: we can implement switch statement in Python.
  • In Python we can use dictionary to work like a switch statement. In the above example "b" stores key and value pair and return the match value as like switch statement in other programming languages.
  • Python dictionary is sequence of key and value pair as like hashmap. Key is a unique values, If you given key then you will get value associated with it.
  • Second switch_function method ask for parameter and by using lambda in Python we can make a dynamic calculation. In the program you can see that how value is passing and return after some calculation.
  • Above Python program is an alternative method for switch statement as like in other programming languages.


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