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            /* ............... START ............... */
# Python set example
set_example = {"java", "Python", "c#"}

# By using for loop, printing the content in the set
for x in set_example: print(x)

# Check if the entry is present in the set
set_example = {"java", "Python", "c#", "c++"}
print("c++" in set_example)
print("c" in set_example)

# Add method is used to add one entry in set.

#Update method is used to add more than one entry
set_example.update(["Javascript", "TypeScript", "Ruby"])

# Len function is used to print the length of the set in Python
print(len(set_example)) # Length : 8

# remove function will remove the entry from set

# The pop() randomly remove element from the set and returns the element removed.
x = set_example.pop()
                /* ............... END ............... */


{'java', 'Python', 'c#'}
{'java', 'Python', 'c#', 'c++', 'Swift'}
{'Javascript', 'java', 'Python', 'c#', 'Ruby', 'c++', 'Swift', 'TypeScript'}
{'java', 'Python', 'c#', 'Ruby', 'c++', 'Swift', 'TypeScript'}
{'Python', 'c#', 'Ruby', 'c++', 'Swift', 'TypeScript'}


  • As like list set is collection in python which is unordered and unindex set , which is enclosed in two curly brackets.
  • By using print method we can print the sets eg : '{'Python', 'java', 'c#'}.
  • We can print the contents of the set using for loop in Python, please refer program for clarification.
  • By using the in operation, we can check the whether the entry is present in the set. In the above program first we are checking whether c++ is present in the set and got true value, but when checking c it will print false mentioning that it is not in the set.
  • In python add method is used to add one entry in the set. But by using update method we can add more than one entry at at time. Kindly refer the program for more clarification.
  • len function in python is used to find the length of the set. Syntax : len(set).
  • remove method is used to remove the entry in set. In the example you can see that "JavaScript" has been removed from the set.
  • The pop() in python randomly remove element from the set and returns the element removed.


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