Integer To String In Python

Chapter: Python Last Updated: 22-10-2021 02:48:36 UTC


            /* ............... START ............... */
number = 20
# check  and print type of num variable
# convert the num into string
converted_num = str(number)
# check  and print type converted_num variable

/* Output
<class 'int'>
<class 'str'>

name = "John"
age = 23
print(name + " is " + str(age) + " years old")

/* Output
John is 23 years old
                /* ............... END ............... */


  • To convert integer to string in python , we have to use str() function. This function takes any data type and convert it to a string.
  • In the above program you can see that by using type function it is printing as number in first step and by using str(number) it will convert to string format.
  • After converting to string , by using type(converted_num) you can see that it is converted to String.
  • Normally programmers use str() function to concatenate string and Integer type.(Please refer the second program).


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