Java Parse JSON String To Object

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            /* ............... START ............... */
Json sample to parse.
   "name": "John",
   "age": 30,
   "city": "New York"


import org.json.JSONObject;

String jsonString = "{\"name\":\"John\",\"age\":30,\"city\":\"New York\"}";
JSONObject json = new JSONObject(jsonString);

String name = json.getString("name");
int age = json.getInt("age");
String city = json.getString("city");

// create a Person object
Person person = new Person(name, age, city);

                /* ............... END ............... */


  • The program takes a JSON string as input and parses it into a Java object.
  • To do this, the program uses the built-in JSON parsing library, org.json, which provides the JSONObject class for working with JSON objects.
  • First, the JSON string is stored in a variable called jsonString. This string represents a JSON object that contains three key-value pairs: "name", "age", and "city".
  • Next, the JSONObject class is used to parse the JSON string into a JSON object. This object contains the same three key-value pairs as the original JSON string.
  • To extract the values of the keys from the JSON object, the getString and getInt methods are used. These methods take the key as a parameter and return the corresponding value as a String or an int, respectively.
  • Finally, the program creates a Person object using the extracted values of the "name", "age", and "city" keys. This Person object is a custom class that would need to be defined separately in the program.
  • Overall, this program demonstrates how to use the org.json library to parse a JSON string into a Java object and extract the values of its keys.


#Java Parse JSON String To Object #JSON string to Java object online

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